Friday, June 25, 2010

A Quick Recap of the NHL Awards

-Versus. Oh God.

-Snoop Dogg...Travis Barker? Wait, did I turn on MTV?

-Jay Mohr...not funny.

-Mark Wahlberg...drunk.

-Tyler Myers, Calder Winner. Suck it Jimmy Howard.

-Pavel Datsuck? AGAIN? way.

-Cirque du Soleil...WHY?

-Jay Mohr...still unfunny.

-Jokevechkin = slob.

-Getzlaf/Ryan "Gold/Silver" skit = surprising hilarious. Highlight of the night.

-Tippett deserved the Jack Adams.

-Jaime Kennedy? ...just sad.

-Ryan Miller FTW. All class.

-Fatty Brodeur = challenging Tim Thomas for the Krispy Kreme Trophy.

-Shinedown...wait, did I sit on the remote and switch to MTV again?

-Mike Green, still a douche.

-Jose Theodore wins the Masterson. Good for him, one of the few Caps with class.

-Jay Mohr pulls out a Norm McDonald impression. NORM MCDONALD.

-King Clancy, meet Shane Doan.

-Highlight package = sucked. Thats the best you could come up with?

-Lady Byng goes to some midget.

-Crosby gets the Leadership award. Suck on that Mike Richards.

-Roenick and Olyck? Vomit.

-Jay Mohr...SHUT UP.

-Norris goes to Keith. Mike Green, still a douche.

-Goo Goo Dolls? Is it 1998?


-the BlueLine Bandit.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Just Want to Slap that Moustache off of Carcillo's Face. Pens lose 7-4

What can you say about tonight? Can't win em all. Frustrating loss though.

Both goaltenders were tested early in the game. It just didn't end up being Fleury's night.

Tanger sure came out strong tonight. Big hits on Hartnell and Briere in the first period, and a sweet assist on Bing's first goal. Crosby buried that puck at super sonic speed.
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The Flyers banked on their power play, with 2 PP goals tonight in the first period.

Eaton delivered a punch to Carcillo's throat during the first period. Pretty humorous.

Matt Cooke ended the first period on a good note with an unassisted goal courtesy of a turnover by Carter to make the score 3-2.
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Fleury got pulled after a goal from the point by Pronger in the second period. 4-2. Lot of traffic in front of the net, so you really couldn't blame Fleury for that one.

Johnson comes in, only to have van Riemsdyk head upstairs to score his second goal on the first shot Johnson faced. Blegh. Score is 5-2. You could hear a pin drop in the Igloo. Johnson did come up with some good saves throughout the rest of the game.

van Riemsdyk played a good game. I will give them that.

At least Pens fans got a little bit of retribution when Carcillo got hit in the face with a puck. I wish it would have knocked that sorry excuse for a moustache off of his face.

Then the "two-headed monster" attacked. Bing bounces a puck off of Timmonen to make it 5-3. As Bob Errey would say, that was a "fortuitous bounce Steiggy."

Pens got a big power play when Timmonen went into the box, and it seemed like chaos ensued. We couldn't bank on the power play, Letang's stick exploded, and the Flyers came up with shorthanded chances. Pens got a big break when the refs called no goal on the Flyers. After the last look from the replay it looked like that puck went in.

In the third period the Pens got another big power play opportunity. Some shots were taken but again we couldn't bank. The crowd went crazy with the "SHOOT" screams. I held my breath everytime Gogo took a shot. He's gone 19 games without a goal, and he is my favorite player, so I'm really rooting for him. He's gonna get one soon.

Briere clearly held Orpik's stick and there was no call. We were prevented from seeing Danielle cry if he got the penalty.

Carter scores. 6-3.

Rupp knocked one in with assists from Max and Geno. 6-4. We still had a chance, but it just didn't seem like it would happen.

Guerin set Gogo up with a sweet pass and he couldn't get it in. Again my heart jumped.

Johnson was pulled and Leadership ended up getting the empty netter. Game. 7-4. Ugh.

Again, this was frustrating to see, but we weren't going to take them all against Philly. I have a good feeling the Pens are going to pick it up on this road trip and get a couple of wins. I Believe in this team like all of you do.

I will leave you with pics of our two boys Malone and Orpik for Team USA. Congrats to them both.
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Moose Out.