Friday, June 25, 2010

A Quick Recap of the NHL Awards

-Versus. Oh God.

-Snoop Dogg...Travis Barker? Wait, did I turn on MTV?

-Jay Mohr...not funny.

-Mark Wahlberg...drunk.

-Tyler Myers, Calder Winner. Suck it Jimmy Howard.

-Pavel Datsuck? AGAIN? way.

-Cirque du Soleil...WHY?

-Jay Mohr...still unfunny.

-Jokevechkin = slob.

-Getzlaf/Ryan "Gold/Silver" skit = surprising hilarious. Highlight of the night.

-Tippett deserved the Jack Adams.

-Jaime Kennedy? ...just sad.

-Ryan Miller FTW. All class.

-Fatty Brodeur = challenging Tim Thomas for the Krispy Kreme Trophy.

-Shinedown...wait, did I sit on the remote and switch to MTV again?

-Mike Green, still a douche.

-Jose Theodore wins the Masterson. Good for him, one of the few Caps with class.

-Jay Mohr pulls out a Norm McDonald impression. NORM MCDONALD.

-King Clancy, meet Shane Doan.

-Highlight package = sucked. Thats the best you could come up with?

-Lady Byng goes to some midget.

-Crosby gets the Leadership award. Suck on that Mike Richards.

-Roenick and Olyck? Vomit.

-Jay Mohr...SHUT UP.

-Norris goes to Keith. Mike Green, still a douche.

-Goo Goo Dolls? Is it 1998?


-the BlueLine Bandit.

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