Friday, June 25, 2010

A Quick Recap of the NHL Awards

-Versus. Oh God.

-Snoop Dogg...Travis Barker? Wait, did I turn on MTV?

-Jay Mohr...not funny.

-Mark Wahlberg...drunk.

-Tyler Myers, Calder Winner. Suck it Jimmy Howard.

-Pavel Datsuck? AGAIN? way.

-Cirque du Soleil...WHY?

-Jay Mohr...still unfunny.

-Jokevechkin = slob.

-Getzlaf/Ryan "Gold/Silver" skit = surprising hilarious. Highlight of the night.

-Tippett deserved the Jack Adams.

-Jaime Kennedy? ...just sad.

-Ryan Miller FTW. All class.

-Fatty Brodeur = challenging Tim Thomas for the Krispy Kreme Trophy.

-Shinedown...wait, did I sit on the remote and switch to MTV again?

-Mike Green, still a douche.

-Jose Theodore wins the Masterson. Good for him, one of the few Caps with class.

-Jay Mohr pulls out a Norm McDonald impression. NORM MCDONALD.

-King Clancy, meet Shane Doan.

-Highlight package = sucked. Thats the best you could come up with?

-Lady Byng goes to some midget.

-Crosby gets the Leadership award. Suck on that Mike Richards.

-Roenick and Olyck? Vomit.

-Jay Mohr...SHUT UP.

-Norris goes to Keith. Mike Green, still a douche.

-Goo Goo Dolls? Is it 1998?


-the BlueLine Bandit.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Just Want to Slap that Moustache off of Carcillo's Face. Pens lose 7-4

What can you say about tonight? Can't win em all. Frustrating loss though.

Both goaltenders were tested early in the game. It just didn't end up being Fleury's night.

Tanger sure came out strong tonight. Big hits on Hartnell and Briere in the first period, and a sweet assist on Bing's first goal. Crosby buried that puck at super sonic speed.
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The Flyers banked on their power play, with 2 PP goals tonight in the first period.

Eaton delivered a punch to Carcillo's throat during the first period. Pretty humorous.

Matt Cooke ended the first period on a good note with an unassisted goal courtesy of a turnover by Carter to make the score 3-2.
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Fleury got pulled after a goal from the point by Pronger in the second period. 4-2. Lot of traffic in front of the net, so you really couldn't blame Fleury for that one.

Johnson comes in, only to have van Riemsdyk head upstairs to score his second goal on the first shot Johnson faced. Blegh. Score is 5-2. You could hear a pin drop in the Igloo. Johnson did come up with some good saves throughout the rest of the game.

van Riemsdyk played a good game. I will give them that.

At least Pens fans got a little bit of retribution when Carcillo got hit in the face with a puck. I wish it would have knocked that sorry excuse for a moustache off of his face.

Then the "two-headed monster" attacked. Bing bounces a puck off of Timmonen to make it 5-3. As Bob Errey would say, that was a "fortuitous bounce Steiggy."

Pens got a big power play when Timmonen went into the box, and it seemed like chaos ensued. We couldn't bank on the power play, Letang's stick exploded, and the Flyers came up with shorthanded chances. Pens got a big break when the refs called no goal on the Flyers. After the last look from the replay it looked like that puck went in.

In the third period the Pens got another big power play opportunity. Some shots were taken but again we couldn't bank. The crowd went crazy with the "SHOOT" screams. I held my breath everytime Gogo took a shot. He's gone 19 games without a goal, and he is my favorite player, so I'm really rooting for him. He's gonna get one soon.

Briere clearly held Orpik's stick and there was no call. We were prevented from seeing Danielle cry if he got the penalty.

Carter scores. 6-3.

Rupp knocked one in with assists from Max and Geno. 6-4. We still had a chance, but it just didn't seem like it would happen.

Guerin set Gogo up with a sweet pass and he couldn't get it in. Again my heart jumped.

Johnson was pulled and Leadership ended up getting the empty netter. Game. 7-4. Ugh.

Again, this was frustrating to see, but we weren't going to take them all against Philly. I have a good feeling the Pens are going to pick it up on this road trip and get a couple of wins. I Believe in this team like all of you do.

I will leave you with pics of our two boys Malone and Orpik for Team USA. Congrats to them both.
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Moose Out.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Moose's Favorite Pens Moments of 2009

As a sort of follow-up to my husband The Blueline Bandit's top moments of the decade, I am going to share with you my favorite Pens moments of 2009. Being that I am not technologically advanced, I am going to copy in links of YouTube clips of my favorite moments...I am not sure exactly how to add them so you can view them on this page. Read and enjoy, and share your thoughts!

#10 Mike Rupp's First Career Hat Trick

When a fourth liner is racking up the goals in a game, you know you are in pretty good shape. He came back from what we thought was an injury to get his first career hat trick on his son's birthday. They were pretty goals too.

#9 Marian Hossa's Face After Detroit Loses in SCF

This isn't really a Pens moment, but it was a noteworthy moment nonetheless. I couldn't find the picture that I wanted here, but I'm sure you all remember it. We were all looking for it at some point. Ah retribution.

#8 Bing's Hat Trick Against Rangers 11/28/09

Needless to say, this was a great moment. It just so happened that he scored a hat trick on a free hat giveaway night. The sight of all those hats flying like snow was just epic. Bing knows how to wow us fans, and he did not disappoint that night.

#7 Billy G. Scores With 0.4 Seconds Left Against Boston

Down 5-4 against Boston. Empty net. We were on the edge of our seats. Malkin and Guerin head down the ice. Malkin delivers a pretty pass to Guerin, who buries it. Tim Thomas is PISSED. Dups wins it in overtime. If you were at that game, I am jealous of you.

#6 Talbot Ssshhhhhssss the Crowd

Flyers are up 3-0 in Game 6 of the series. Carcillo and Talbot go at it. No reason for Carcillo to engage Talbot in a fight. Talbot loved it. Gave us all the momentum we needed. Pens ended up winning 5-3. Unreal.

#5 Fleury Robs Ovechkin in Game 7 of Series

This was a back and forth hard fought series, and we went into Game 7 expecting a challenge. Fleury makes an unreal glove save on Ovechkin, and we got all the momentum after that. Pens win the game 6-2.

#4 The Save. Fleury stops Lidstrom in final seconds of Game 7 of SCF.

This game just ended lives. We were seconds away from a win, and Detroit was piling it on. Lidstrom takes a shot on net with less than a second, and Fleury makes a save we will never forget. It will play in our minds for years to come.

#3 Malkin HT Against Carolina in Game 2 ECF

We owned Carolina in this series, and Malkin owned Cam Ward in this game. One of the best goals we have ever seen. No look backhander over the shoulder of Ward. Stunned City.

#2 Raising the Stanley Cup Banner in the Igloo

If this didn't give you chills, you might not be alive. Seeing the banner raised again was a proud moment for us Pens fans. I could watch this again and again and again.

#1 Well Of Course, Winning the Cup.

We were in tenth place in February. Morale was down. Then Dan Bylsma comes in and everything turns around. We played with heart and determination. We took down the Flyers in 6, Caps in 7, and swept Carolina. We faced a foe that broke our hearts the year before, who took the Cup in our house. This year was our turn. We took the Cup in THEIR house, and it was beautiful. Seeing our boys raise the Cup, seeing Lemieux raise the Cup again....I will never forget it. I cried. It will be a moment I'm sure we will remember forever.

Share your thoughts on your favorite moments! I hope this season brings us all the excitement that this past year has.

Happy New Year to you all!

Moose Out.

Looking Back On An Unreal Decade

We started off the 00's with a super high, Buries It returning to the ice after a 3 and a half year retirement. We endured some hard times (2003, woof) and we end the decade on another high as Stanley Cup Champs. I've been reading a lot about this last decade and decided to share some of my top players and games.

MY Top Ten Players Of The Last Decade:

10: Jaromir Jagr
-Yea, he was kind of a dick for some of the things he said, but he is a pretty sweet player and one of the Pens all time greats. Technically had only one full season here in the decade, but it was a 52 goal, 121 point season. That gets him on the list.

9: Ryan Malone
-He had a pretty solid rookie season in 03-04 with 22 goals and 43 points. A highlight in an otherwise forgettable season. He put up another 22 goals after the lockout, had a down year in 06-07 and was always in trade rumors. But he broke through as a legit power forward with 27 goals and 51 points in 07-08. He was a Burgh guy, a team guy. We all remember him sitting in the locker room after the Game 6 loss in 2008, head in his arms, the last guy to undress, his last game as a Penguin. He left for Tampa Bay in free agency and the money. But I don't blame him, no way the Pens could pay him a lot and good for him to make some money. I still love Bugsy and appreciate his time as a Pen.

8: Aleksey Morozov
-You gotta love a guy whose nickname was "The Devil Killer". He always seemed to have success against the Devils, and Martin Brodeur jokingly said that he had nightmares of Morozov before he would face the Pens. He never really got a chance to live up to his potential here, but we loved the flashes of brilliance he would show. He was off to a hot start in '02 before breaking his wrist and didn't have much success the following year due to a terrible team. The lockout gave him a chance to go back and play in Russia and he's been there ever since. We can only dream about him playing wing with Bing or Geno...

7: Alexei Kovalev
-Had the best years of his career here, 76 and 95 points. Who can forget the chemistry of the Kovalev/Straka/Lang line? He was a casualty of the Pens financial woes, traded in 2003. He was fast, exciting, and a great puckhandler.

6: Jordan Staal
-Burst onto the NHL scene in 06-07 with 29 goals and 42 points. Broke some NHL rookie records; youngest player to score two shorthanded goals in one game, youngest player to score on a penalty shot, youngest player to score a hat trick, and most short-handed goals by a rookie with seven. Had a bit of a slump in his second year, but was solid in the playoffs. Bounced back with a verey solid year in 2009. Becoming an elite third line center, shorthanded goal scorer, and penalty killer. It can be argued that his shorthanded goal in Game 4 of the 2009 SCF was the most important goal in the playoffs. Big things are in store for this young man.

5: Max Talbot
-They don't call him Superstar for nothing. He may just be your average third/fourth line checking center during the regular season, but he comes alive in the postseason when the spotlight in brightest. His intensity and energy may be unmatched. His amazing game-tying goal in the waning seconds of Game 5 of the '08 SCF, his "shhhh" in Game 6 vs. the hatred Flyers, and his 2 goals in Game 7 of the SCF to win the Cup. A team leader behind the scenes, a great locker room guy, and an Unreal human being.

4: Mario Lemieux
-The greatest player in Pens history, Buries It, retired in 97, but made a grand return late in 2000 and put up 76 points in only 43 games, Unreal. Unfortunetly, he continued to be plagued by injuries but had a very solid 91 points in 67 games in 2002. He finally had to retire for good in 2005 due to a heart condition, but he continued to contribute to the team. Helped negotiate the deal for the new arena. But his biggest act of the decade may have been a couple text messages. After a 5-0 loss to the Wings in the 2009 SCF, Buries It sent out Unreal text messages to inspire the team for Games 6 and 7. Seeing this man lift that Cup again was the most surreal moment of the decade.

3: Marc-Andre Fleury
-Taken number one overall in the NHL Draft in 2003, he has proven why. He started off slow in both 03-04 and 05-06, splitting time between the Pens and WBS. But this finally became his team in 06-07 with solid play and 40 wins. He started off slow the next year and suffered a high ankle sprain that limited him to only 35 games. But he caught fire after the injury and led the team to the playoffs. He tore through the East in the playoffs with a 12-2 record before falling in the SCF. But his first big moment came in Game 5 of that series with a 55 save performance as the Pens won in 3 OT. Last year, he was a major factor in every round, making incredible key saves at key moments. Carter, Lupol, Ovechkin, and Staal all learned this the hard way. But he saved his best for the SCF. After a terrible 5-0 loss, he rebounded with the best two games of his career, winning Game 6 and Game 7 and providing the "Secret Service" save in the last second to preserve the Cup.

2: Evgeni Malkin
-Taken 2nd overall in the NHL Draft. Fled his Russian team to come here for the 06-07 season. Won the Calder as best rookie. Scored a crazy goal against Marty B. In 07-08, he took over when Bing went down, scoring 44 points in the 28 games Crosby was out. Finished with 106 points and runner-up for the Hart. Put up 22 points in the 08 Cup Run. He expanded his domination last year. 113 points for the Art Ross. Exploded in the playoffs, especially against Carolina where he recorded an HT and an amazing backhand goal. Finished with 36 points to get the Conn Smythe along with that Cup. Suck on that Jokevechkin.

1: Sidney Crosby
-Do I even need to explain? Saved the franchise. 100 points in his rookie year. Art Ross, Hart, and Pearson the next. Won the Winter Classic in the shootout. Helped lead the team to the SCF in his third year. And last year...improved on all aspects of the game from faceoffs to goal scoring, went toe to toe with Jokevechkin in the playoffs, and captained the Pens to the Cup. Unreal.

Honorable Mention: Sergei Gonchar, Brooks Orpik, Mark Recchi.

Dishonorable Mention: Ziggy Palffy, Konstantin Koltsov, Kris Beech.

Best Coach: Disco Dan Bylsma
Worst Coach: Ed Olczyk (Bob Errey could have done better, blindfolded)

Best Year: 2008-09 (duh)
Worst Year: 2003-04 (23 wins, 58 points, dead last in NHL.)

My lovely wife, the Moose, will be following up with her favorite moments of the decade.

Can't wait to see what the next decade will hold.

As always,


-the Blueline Bandit

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pens Light It Up Better Than Clark Griswold. WIN 8-2.

Sure made up for the last game we played against Ottawa.

We begin the evening with Bob Errey in the Christmas spirit.
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We also saw some changes in the lineup, with Tenk and Dups on the top line with Bing and Guerin and Kunitz on the second line with Malkin.

Ottawa came out very strong and had Fleury working hard, who came up with some key saves early in the game. Pens soon got a power play and we were not disappointed. Bing dishes a cross ice pass to Geno, who buries one back door. Pens showed good puck control on that opening power play.

Ottawa gets a power play of their own soon after. Kovalev misses a wide open net. Whew.

Almost got to see Letang bury one. He's due.

Pens second power play did not result in any points, but once again they showed good puck control, and Cooke planted himself right in front of the net, just like Malone used to. It also didn't hurt that Volchenkov and Phillips, two of Ottawa's penalty killers, got the first two penalties of the game.

Ottawa scored their first goal of the game after a big faceoff win. After that it became Momentum City for the Senators. Fleury stood tall against a barrage of shots. Ottawa got another power play, and Alfredsson got destroyed by a hit from Adams, who ended up sandwiching Alfredsson between himself and Gonchar. Alfredsson goes off down the runway...not good for the Senators, who are already without Spezza.

Plenty of 4 on 4 action in the first period as well. I about jumped out of my seat when a Gogo and Geno 2 on 1 ensued, but they couldn't knock it in. Ottawa went right back down the ice and Kovalev got denied by Fleury. Bodies were flying.

Ottawa had 24 shots in the first period to the Pens 9 shots. Wow.

At the beginning of the second period Geno gets a stick to the face by Cheechoo. Apparently he drew blood, but a 2 minute penalty was called. It didn't take long for Billy G., who wasn't even being covered by a defenseman, knocked in his own rebound to make it 2-1. 5th power play goal of the season, 10th overall. Mike Yeo's job is safe once more.

We found out that Alfredsson would not be returning. Another kick to Ottawa.

Neil gets called for a charge, which probably should have been called as interference. On the way to the box Neil takes a shot at Geno's midsection with his stick, nothing called. Rupp takes offense to this and gets called for unsportsmanlike conduct. More 4 on 4 action.

Staal proved again that he is an unreal player. He hammers Kovalev and gets control of the puck, does a little give and go with Talbot, then dishes it off to Tenk, who punches it in to make it 3-1. Beautiful work by Staal.

Kunitz deflects a shot from Billy G. into the goal to make it 4-1. Wooooo. At that point, the Pens were outshot 35-18 and winning by three goals. How crazy is that?

Pens get ANOTHER power play goal to make it 5-1. Ottawa gets a shorthanded chance, then Pens get a 3 on 1 back down the ice. Kunitz to Bing to Guerin, who buries another one. Hot damn. Glad I made Billy G. my extra attacker tonight.

Neil takes a shot at Staal's face. Clown.

At the end of the 2nd Volchenkov and Geno battle in the corner...Geno gets himself up and in position to knock one in from a great pass from Kunitz. 6-1. Putting Geno and Kunitz on the same line sure has looked good. Kunitz had 4 points alone in the 2nd period. 4 points. 3 assists and 1 goal. Unreal.
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Ottawa had 39 shots on goal at the end of the second period, but only got 1 in. Fleury=beast.

We began the 3rd period with some much expected fights. Rupp and Neil went at it first. Then Adams, who had a big target on his back after the hit on Alfredsson, went at it with Carkner.

Then it was Sarge's turn. Cooke had a nice pass to Sarge, who had good positioning in front of the net. 7-1. Sarge's 3rd point of the night.

We've been waiting for it...a GENO HAT TRICK. Bing, being the classy leader he is, passed it off to Geno to make it 8-1. I don't think Bob Errey wanted to give up his Santa hat though. That 8th goal also tied the season high for most goals in one game.

Pens got a power play and started a "Let's Go Guerin" chant for him to get the HT. Unreal. Then he gets called for a penalty, and flashed us all a grin. You have to love it. He ended up with 9 shots on goal tonight and 4 points.

What a great Christmas present for us Pens fans. Fleury, Guerin, Geno, Kunitz, all unreal tonight. Fleury with 45 saves on 47 shots. It's saying something when your team wins 8-2 and the goaltender gets the number 1 star. Geno is back in action. The Kunitz-Geno-Guerin line had 11 points total tonight.
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I would like to wish all who read this a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy the holiday with your loved ones.

Moose Out.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Take That Record And Shove It Up Your Fat Ass.

Pens didn't really show up tonight. Devils and Marty B. did. It blows. But let the Devils enjoy their regular season spoils. Let Marty enjoy his big shutout record and regular season success. We all know the last couple years a Flower blooms and wins the big games in April while Marty chokes and throws epic hissy fits. Enjoy looking at records at home with your former mistress/wife while Flower is playing in SCF games.

You really think I'm gonna recap this? Just a few thoughts...

-Staal is an Unreal Human. We all felt a little queasy when blood poured from his face and he was kicking his legs in pain after taking a puck to the face. But he manned up, put on a Hannibal Lecter mask and was out there skating hard in the 3rd, despite being down 4-0. That's what I love about hockey.

-Don't blame Fleury. If you do, you're an idiot. Fact.

-I've kept mostly quiet about the troubles on the PP. I won't jump on the Fire that Guy bandwagon...but a team with Bing, Geno, and Gonch HAS to be do better than 30th in the league.

-Dear Moron fans, don't yell SHOOOOOOT on the PP when, clearly, there is no shooting lane. You make us all incredibly frustrated.

-I don't like Brodeur. He can hold all the records he wants, but there have been better goalies in history than him in my humble opinion. It's not all about numbers. But kudos to the classy Pens fans for applauding him at the end of the game. I would have too, reluctantly. It is a part of the history of this great game of hockey. And I respect the game.

-Speaking of numbers, the Caps dominated the Pens in the regular season last year. How did that work out for them in the playoffs?

-At least Bylsma didn't try an onside kick tonight.

-And Philly lost to the Panthers 4-1 tonight. Seeing those douches tumble makes nights like this hurt just a tiny bit less.

-Pens beat Ottawa Wednesday night. Bank.

-the Blueline Bandit

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Poke Check City. Pens Win in Shootout 2-1.

Another hard fought win after a shootout. I would just like to highlight some points about tonight's game.

Fleury was just UNREAL tonight. 31 saves...many of them great glove and pad saves. He's been playing a great game lately. How about that poke check in the shootout? Once again Fleury helped keep us in the game with the barrage of shots that Buffalo was getting on net. Lalime played a pretty respectable game as well.
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Power play went 0 for 5 tonight, but to be optimistic they did have some opportunities, namely in the second period when they got a good bit of shots on net. Once we get away from all those cross ice passes and try to get it on net when possible we can get some better chances. Penalty kill was good tonight. Pens killed a Buffalo 5 on 3, and Buffalo went 0 for 8 on their power play tonight. Staalsy had two shorthanded chances, but it didn't happen tonight.

Good to see Kunitz get a goal tonight, and a pretty shortside one at that. He was due for a goal.

Hope Eaton is ok...that was an awkward tumble he took tonight. We will anxiously await news on him.

Malkin has been taking a lot of penalties as of late. Tonight was his 7th straight game in which he had a penalty. When going to leave the box tonight he got his stick on the puck before his feet even touched the ice. Not too sure what he was thinking there. Let's hope he takes less penalties in the future.

TangBang with the shootout winner, and it was a beautious backhander.
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I believe tonight put him 3 for 6 in shootout attempts. Crosby wasn't able to bang it in tonight, but 5 for 6 in the shootouts for the year is nothing to sneeze at.

Next game against the Devils will be big. Devils won tonight against Atlanta. Getting a win against them is important, and we need that win in regulation to prevent them from getting a point. The boys will be at home, I have faith we can get this win. Let's Do It on Monday.

Moose Out.