Saturday, December 19, 2009

Poke Check City. Pens Win in Shootout 2-1.

Another hard fought win after a shootout. I would just like to highlight some points about tonight's game.

Fleury was just UNREAL tonight. 31 saves...many of them great glove and pad saves. He's been playing a great game lately. How about that poke check in the shootout? Once again Fleury helped keep us in the game with the barrage of shots that Buffalo was getting on net. Lalime played a pretty respectable game as well.
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Power play went 0 for 5 tonight, but to be optimistic they did have some opportunities, namely in the second period when they got a good bit of shots on net. Once we get away from all those cross ice passes and try to get it on net when possible we can get some better chances. Penalty kill was good tonight. Pens killed a Buffalo 5 on 3, and Buffalo went 0 for 8 on their power play tonight. Staalsy had two shorthanded chances, but it didn't happen tonight.

Good to see Kunitz get a goal tonight, and a pretty shortside one at that. He was due for a goal.

Hope Eaton is ok...that was an awkward tumble he took tonight. We will anxiously await news on him.

Malkin has been taking a lot of penalties as of late. Tonight was his 7th straight game in which he had a penalty. When going to leave the box tonight he got his stick on the puck before his feet even touched the ice. Not too sure what he was thinking there. Let's hope he takes less penalties in the future.

TangBang with the shootout winner, and it was a beautious backhander.
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I believe tonight put him 3 for 6 in shootout attempts. Crosby wasn't able to bang it in tonight, but 5 for 6 in the shootouts for the year is nothing to sneeze at.

Next game against the Devils will be big. Devils won tonight against Atlanta. Getting a win against them is important, and we need that win in regulation to prevent them from getting a point. The boys will be at home, I have faith we can get this win. Let's Do It on Monday.

Moose Out.

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  1. Fleury has been unreal for the Pens as of late..another great game from the Flower :)