Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It's Gonna Be a Long Ride Home to Philly. Pens Win 6-1

Seeing the Flyers destroyed 6-1 sure makes for a pretty solid Tuesday night.

We saw in the first period some changes made to the power play, namely Geno playing on the point. Something must have clicked, because we got to see Bing bury one into a wide open net, with Sarge and Tenk picking up the assists. That goal gave bing his 21st of the season, which at game time put him tied at 2nd place in the NHL with Heatley and Ovechkin. Woooo.

If you wanted to see a fight (who doesn't against the Cryers?), then you were not disappointed in the first period. Rupp and Asham squared off first. It wasn't anything to write home about, but it sure got everyone pumped up. Not too much longer afterward, the much expected Godard/Cote fight ensued. Not to be left out, Adams and Carcillo duked it out. It sure made for a crowded penalty box.
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After a hard fought effort to get to the net, Billy G. knocked in a loose puck to make it 2-0. You could see Philly crying from the sidelines. Waaa waaa...get over it. We thought it was gonna happen again when a Crosby-Guerin 2 on 1 ensued, but Philly broke it up nicely.

Carcillo scored on a Philly PP and whored himself off to the crowd. 2-1. Ugh.

Kennedy showed great effort tonight, working hard for the puck and trying to get some shots on net. I respect the effort he puts out on the ice. Staal also had one hell of a game. That shorthanded goal he scored to make it 3-1 was just beautiful. With the way he is playing at 21 years old, imagine what his game will keep progressing to in the upcoming years. What a great player.

Breaking news from the Versus announcers...it's cold in Canada. Thanks for the groundbreaking news.

Some ticky-tacky calls in the second period. Tenk got called for interference, but I didn't see it. Rupp got called for roughing for what appeared to me to just be him finishing off a check. At least it didn't result in any goals for the Flyers.

Really wanted to see Godard get a goal...he was parking himself in front of the net trying, but it just didn't happen. He did get an assist though, so that's something.

Power play didn't get anymore goals, but it seems to be making progress. The first unit has been looking better.

Late in the second, Hartnell makes a "what the hell were you thinking?" play and doesn't take a shot on net with a prime opportunity. He was quickly made to regret that decision when Crosby got control of the puck, sent it to Letang, who made a sick setup to Staal. Staal knocks it in. 4-1 at the end of the second.

What appeared to be a Philly PP goal in the third was called off when joke Carcillo kicked it in. Have you seen his moustache? Did he lose a bet?

Tenk gets retribution for the two penalties called on him with a goal to make it 5-1. Malkin even got himself a shorthanded goal at the end to make it 6-1. Nothing like running up the score on Philly. As my husband said, there's no running up the score when you are playing a rival like Philly. You take the chances you get and keep on playing.

Let's hope we can do the same in their house on Thursday night. Let's Do It.

Moose Out.

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  1. is it Thursday yet? ...unreal game no lie! Staalsy and Sid were on fire..just a nice complete game from the boys.

    Thursday night, Do it.