Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sometimes the Bounces Just Don't Go Your Way. Pens Lose in OT 2-1.

What can you say about last night's game? It was long and hard fought, but ultimately Chicago came out on top. We had a big downer before the game with the news that Bing was out. We sure did miss him on the faceoffs last night.

The boo birds were in full force for Nossa. Of course he would score the first Chicago goal, off of a "fortuitous" bounce, as Bob Errey would call it. Kane helped to set up the play by going hard down the wall and beating a tired Malkin.
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There were no shots on goal for about the first four minutes of the game, but after that both goaltenders were pummeled and had to really be on their game.

The hit on Matt Cooke to the head was a dirty hit. If Keith isn't suspended for that then I don't know. Lots of scrums and hits in the first period...the Pens were frustrated.

Basically you can recap the second period by saying there were a lot of shots on net and many almost goals. Niemi just wasn't going to be beat. Even Godard had a good blast on net, it was just no go. I do have to comment on how well Letestu played last night. He helped set up plays, got a shot on goal, and skated hard. He certainly gave us some help when we needed it. He did more in one game than Bourque did his whole run here. Yeah, I said it.

The third period opened with another almost goal by Nossa...luckily it didn't happen. The Pens had a great chance with a Malkin and Talbot 2 on 1, but the pass went off Geno's stick. I'm sure frustrated words were thrown by fans everywhere.

Then it finally happened. You could see in Staal's eyes that he was hellbent on making it happen. I'm sure lots of people questioned why Staal was out by himself, but we soon found out it was a set play. Letestu gets a big faceoff win, Malkin cranks one, and Staal punches in the rebound. Overtime City.

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However, as it was the theme of the game, it just didn't go our way. The Pens ended up with their first overtime loss of the season. However the Pens gave a good effort, they just missed some opportunities and were up against a tough Chicago team. Can't win them all. Let's hope for better tomorrow against Carolina, who has just divebombed this season.

New Jersey ended up with a shootout win against Detroit, and the Caps humiliated the Cryers 8-2. I just have to laugh at the 9 minute power play that Washington ended up getting.

Moose Out.

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