Monday, December 21, 2009

Take That Record And Shove It Up Your Fat Ass.

Pens didn't really show up tonight. Devils and Marty B. did. It blows. But let the Devils enjoy their regular season spoils. Let Marty enjoy his big shutout record and regular season success. We all know the last couple years a Flower blooms and wins the big games in April while Marty chokes and throws epic hissy fits. Enjoy looking at records at home with your former mistress/wife while Flower is playing in SCF games.

You really think I'm gonna recap this? Just a few thoughts...

-Staal is an Unreal Human. We all felt a little queasy when blood poured from his face and he was kicking his legs in pain after taking a puck to the face. But he manned up, put on a Hannibal Lecter mask and was out there skating hard in the 3rd, despite being down 4-0. That's what I love about hockey.

-Don't blame Fleury. If you do, you're an idiot. Fact.

-I've kept mostly quiet about the troubles on the PP. I won't jump on the Fire that Guy bandwagon...but a team with Bing, Geno, and Gonch HAS to be do better than 30th in the league.

-Dear Moron fans, don't yell SHOOOOOOT on the PP when, clearly, there is no shooting lane. You make us all incredibly frustrated.

-I don't like Brodeur. He can hold all the records he wants, but there have been better goalies in history than him in my humble opinion. It's not all about numbers. But kudos to the classy Pens fans for applauding him at the end of the game. I would have too, reluctantly. It is a part of the history of this great game of hockey. And I respect the game.

-Speaking of numbers, the Caps dominated the Pens in the regular season last year. How did that work out for them in the playoffs?

-At least Bylsma didn't try an onside kick tonight.

-And Philly lost to the Panthers 4-1 tonight. Seeing those douches tumble makes nights like this hurt just a tiny bit less.

-Pens beat Ottawa Wednesday night. Bank.

-the Blueline Bandit

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