Friday, December 18, 2009

Hey, He Just Scored On Us, Let's Chant He Sucks!

Beating the Flyers never ever gets old. The Pens take 4 out 4 points in the home and home and are 3-0 against the Flyers this season and in the calendar year of 2009, the Pens are 10-3 against their cross state rivals.

I'm not going to do my usual game recap, instead I feel a rant coming against the team I have always and will always hate most.

-"Crosby Sucks" may just be the dumbest chant in all of sports. It started out as annoying, but now I love it. The more the morons chant it, the more Bing soaks it in and dominates. Take last night, Bing scores on the PP to tie it up and the fans go at it. The dude just scored his 22nd goal, 2nd in the league by the way, but apparently, he sucks. You don't think that was in his mind when he banged one home in the shootout to win the game? So, please Philly fans, keep it up!

-I'm convinced Carcillo is a distant inbred cousin of Hartnell. They both take dumb penalties, take runs at guys, cry when things don't go their way, and one looks like a circus clown and one looks like the greaseball that runs the Tilt-A-Whirl.

-Since June 27th, all I've heard from Philly fans is how Pronger is gonna shut down Bing and Geno and lead them back to the Cup. Watching Chris Pylon the last 2 games has me convinced otherwise. Not only were Bing and Geno abusing him, but Staal and Tenk were outskating him. Clearly not the Pronger of old. And he's only going to get slower as the season goes on. So was it worth Joffrey Lupul, Luca Sbisa, TWO first round draft picks and a conditional third round draft pick? Have fun paying roadkill $7 mill for the next 4 years.

-Speaking of roadkill, did you see Briere's shootout attempt last night? Pathetic. What's even more pathetic is how much they are paying this over-rated little girl. Little Debbie is making $8 mill this year and $7 mill the next 3 seasons. Makes me SICK.

-Flyers fans were all over their goalie, Boucher, last night. I kept reading comment after comment about how much he sucks. I hate to defend a Flyers goalie, but the guy played a pretty solid game last night. If not for him, it's another Pens blowout. Fleury outplayed him FTW, but at least he got his team a point. But a measley point means nothing to Flyers fans. Way to stick up for your team.

-Whenever the Pens dominate the Flyers, which has been often the last few years, Philly fans can't handle it and start to abuse our fanbase. The inevitable comments about the bankruptcies, rumors of relocation, fairweather fans, and the early 2000's come down. Since their team can't compete with the Pens, they think assaulting our tough recent history will make their team better. Guess what, it doesn't. When will Flyers fans learn that the thug tactics will not you win a Cup? Thank God that Ray Shero knows how to build a complete team like the Pens rather than the one dimensional mentality like the Flyers.

-I suffered a lot of crap from Flyers fans over the years. I remember when the Pens absolutely could not win in Philadelphia. I remember losing to them in the playoffs. I remember the taunts during the bankruptcies. So I am loving the Pens domination right now and I'm evening up the score.

-But to get Back to the Point, the Pens are tearing it up right now. Four straight wins, and they've won 10 of the last 13. Battling for not only the division, but for the top spot in the East. And I believe they will be right there for the reats of the season. There is no reason not to think so. Bing is on acid right now. 10 goals and 7 assists in his last 8 games. 5 for 5 in shootouts. 22 goals, second in the NHL, how Unreal is that? He's also become a Faceoff Beast. His will and desire is even greater than last year. And just wait till Geno catches know it's coming. Fleury has been solid as well. Second in the league in wins with 20. 9-1-1 in his last 11 with a GAA around 2. Throw in a shutdown center like Staal and key role players like Guerin, Rupp, Talbot, Dupuis, TK, and Cooke. Absolutely Solid D with Sarge, Tanger, Goggles, Eaton, McKee, and Free Candy. This year has been a phenomenal ride. Can't wait to see what next year brings.


-the Blueline Bandit

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