Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mason Rupp's Best Birthday EVER. Dad gets HT, Pens win 5-2

We had some good news and bad news before the start of yesterday's game. We found out that Goggles would be out due to a groin injury (which caused me to throw some objects), but that McKee would be back in the lineup. Perhaps Goggles came back too early before he was completely healthy. Regardless, let's hope that him and Kunikaze are back soon.

Congrats to Orpik on his 400th NHL game.

The Rangers came out guns ablazing in the first period...you knew they would. After bad losses to Tampa Bay and us, they had something to prove. However, the Pens turned their game on too. Eaton, who I thought had a good game all around, came up with a nice diving move to break up a scoring chance for the Rangers. It did take us about 7 minutes to get our first shot on net, courtesy of TK, but it was all systems go after that.

Fleury was on his game last night. Lundqvist stopped what he had to in the first. The Flower was clutch in the first period, coming up with a nice glove save on Higgins. The Rangers could have easily had 2 or 3 goals if not for the way Fleury was playing.
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Pens get a PP from a trip on Tenk and get a few chances, but no dice.

Eaton gets steamrolled by Boyle and we all cringe. Luckily he was alright.

Do your fists clench like mine every time Avery's name is mentioned? I even hate seeing his face.
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Vomit City.

At the end of the first period Brashear tries to prove his manhood by throwing TK around and gets a roughing penalty. Billy G. gets called soon after for interference, so the 2nd period starts with 4 on 4 hockey.

You had a feeling the Rangers were gonna score first. Gaborik was in the right place in front of the net and scored on his own rebound. Tanger didn't get to him in time. But never fear, Bing had something to say himself. Eleven seconds later Bing delivers a sick backhand over Lundqvist's shoulder to make it 1-1. Back in business.

About 5 minutes later we see a great backhand goal from Mr. Rupp. Staal set him up beautifully on that play. Pens up 2-1.

Another good game from Staalsy. Did you see his power move in the second period where he just left 3 guys in the dust? He also had a shorthanded chance late in the second, but Lundqvist said no. Did you know his brother Marc plays for the Rangers? They just had to comment on it. Gaborik scores again to make it 2-2 late in the second.

Fleury jabbing Avery in the face with his stick=priceless.

The third period brought a vomit-worthy moment when Rupp was thrown into the boards by Girardi. Rupp appeared to hurt his leg. His son's birthday appeared to be ruined.

But apparently we did not have to worry. He scores AGAIN. His son's birthday is saved. I don't even know where Rupp came from, but he rolled up the wing and put one over Lundqvist when he was down to make it 3-2.
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A blast from Eaton at the point and a deflection by Bing into the net makes it 4-2. Wooo

Rangers pull Lundqvist, Crosby dishes it to Rupp, who gets it down the ice into the empty net as he is knocked over. 5-2. Rupp HT. Unreal. First career hat trick and beating his season high in goals in the same night? Pretty good evening. Beating the Rangers twice in three days with a hat trick per game? Pretty sweet.

Across the NHL...

We all know about this...
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Karma Jokevechkin....karma. He gets destroyed by his own knee on knee hit. Awaiting word on the extent of his injury.

This one upset me a bit.
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Keith Ballard gets pissed and ends up accidentally hitting Vokoun in the head, who was taken off the ice on a stretcher. He was alert when taken into the ambulance and Florida's coach said that he is going to be fine.

Colorado on Thursday. Let's Do It.

Moose Out.

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