Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Give Thanks To Bing. Pens Win 3-1.

As Bob Errey put it, let's be thankful Crosby's dad produced him. I think Errey went a little hard on the eggnog tonight.

You know that you are in good shape when your fourth line is looking impressive. They showed great puck control and really grinded things out. Give props to them tonight, especially Godard. The first period alone he played 4:21, when he usually averages 4:33 per game. He ended up with just under 10 minutes of ice time. Pretty solid. Four shots on goal? Career high for him. As the loud guys sitting next to us at the Ducks game said, Godard's due.

I thought Dups looked good tonight too. Apparently they are referring to him as The Roadrunner? Anyways, he had three shots on goal tonight.

This next line is brought to you by Bob Errey:
(Referring to Carey Price) "He was on his knees when Crosby put it over his glove hand."

Of course, we have to mention the magnificence that was Bing tonight. His goal in the first period was superb, not to mention the furthest away from the net that he has scored this season. He set up Sarge beautifully for his goal in the second period. Bing showed excellent defensive work breaking up plays. Don't know what it is, but he comes out guns ablazing when the Pens play the Habs.

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Billy G., Disco Dan, and Bing all business. The guy in the white shirt behind them though really creeps me out.

While the PP didn't produce any goals, it produced a ton of momentum that was definitely a factor in the Billy G. goal. Once we get Tanger and Gogo back, it's all systems go. It's one of those situations where even if there isn't a goal on the PP, it is beneficial and gets the team going.

Did anyone catch the graphic when Montreal was on the PP in the second that said the Pens PK was 0% and ranked 6th in the NHL? FSN fail. Gave us a chuckle though. Hate to see what the percentage would be for the last place team.

Fleury had some beautiful saves in this game. Mr. Bourque made a lousy play that could have resulted in a Montreal goal, but Fleury came up with the glove save. In the third period Fleury made an unreal save that prevented a shorthanded goal. Solid game.
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Staal has been playing great hockey. His passing looks good, he's playing physical, and he's been getting the points. Great asset to this team.

I just don't understand why Price wasn't pulled at the end. Your team is down by two goals, and anything can happen that last minute of the game. There were a couple of times near the end that he was forced to stay in, but he also had his chances to exit so Montreal could get their extra attacker on the ice. They just gave up at the end, and I do not respect that at all. Joke.

Again, the boys looked good tonight. If we can play like this now, just wait til Kunitz, Kennedy, Tanger, and Gogo are healthy again. Gotta love this team.

NJ ended up with a win tonight too. Blegh. The Cryers won too. Leadership got a goal. Somewhere Pierre McGuire is pink with glee.

I would just like to finish by wishing everybody a happy and safe Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Enjoy the holiday and lots of Pens hockey this weekend.

Moose Out.

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