Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Salutations and Introductions.

My name is the Blueline Bandit. My Unreal wife is known as the Moose. We love hockey and are passionate Pens fans. We will never claim to be experts and will never claim that our opinion is fact. We just love discussing our boys, win or lose. We started out small on Facebook and we hope our faithful Facebook friends follow us here and we hope to make some new ones.

We live roughly an hour south of the Burgh and almost never miss a game on TV. We make it down to the Igloo about three times a year for a game in person. Our favorite players tend to be defensemen. (hence the blog name). My favorite is Letang and the Moose's favorite is Goligoski. At our wedding reception, we entered wearing our Pens jerseys to "The Boys of Winter", had a ceremonial puck drop, and drank champagne out of a little replica Stanley Cup. Unreal, I know.

We talk in PBS, thats PensBlog Slang (Unreal, Buries It, etc.) and usually refer to players by nicknames, so we apologize if we blow your mind.

Feel free to leave comments, thoughts, questions, or stories. Arguments are welcome, just don't be disrespectful and don't get personal. Keep it real.
Pens and Sens on Thursday. Down yet another d-man in McKee, but we got a great one coming back in Sarge. Orpik and Tanger aren't far behind. Superstar is slated to make a triumphant return to the ice as well. Hoping to get healthy again soon and striking fear back into the EC.

Well, that's it for now. We hope you come back often, we hope you enjoy our rants, and we hope you continue to cheer on the most Unreal hockey team in the world, The Pittsburgh F'in' Penguins.
I leave you now with Bing and the Torch. Chills.
-the BlueLine Bandit
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  1. Welcome to the show kids. You're gonna do awesome.

  2. Fantastic! I can't wait to see how many people join in on this, I just hope we don't get any trolls. Blah.

    Anyway, did you check out Bing's gloves?? I was so giddy when they showed him carrying to torch (pretty unreal moment) and I was like oh ok, that's a cool color scheme. Then someone moved out of the way and BOOM you just saw bright red gloves. Good job Sid. Sorry I just thought it was funny.

    I'm so excited for Gonch and Orpik to come back, basically I woke up this morning all bouncy and have started a countdown till the puck drop. Here's to getting the grit back to the D and getting the power play back on track!

    Oh ps they should think about having Gonch tutor a couple of the younger guys, Letang and Gogo, about the power play and just leave Yeo out of the equation completely. It's obvious our power play is lost without Gonch and it's a coaches job to make sure that doesn't happen, but strangely enough it does. On second thought, fire Yeo, give Gonch Yeo's money on top of his salary and let Gonch just be the coach while still being a player. Seems to be a better idea than letting out PP be useless when he's not there.

  3. Bookmark is ready to go. UNREAL!

  4. liking the idea of making this a blog!
    superstar coming back makes me so excited!!

    go pens.