Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It Was Only A Matter Of Time. Pens Comeback Beats Panthers.

They don't call them the Comeback Kids for nothing. Down 2-0 to the Panthers, again, with Vokoun shutting down everything, the Pens poured it on to tie the game in the 3rd and caught a break to win it in OT.



-Panthers unvelied their third jerseys and they looked vaguely familiar. Basically they are the Pens third jersey, only darker blue and ugly as hell.

-Bing runs over Vokoun. 2 mins. Pens PK makes it look easy.

-Geno gets dropped by Bryan Allen at the Panthers net after chopping away at the puck by Jokoun's pads. On the ensuing faceoff, Animal (Rupp) drops the gloves with Allen and pastes his face against the glass. Unreal job of sticking up for a teammate.

-Ballard jobs Bing. Bing jobs Ballard back. Bing gets the 2. Pens PK mops up.

-The Swedish Chef gets a tripping call. Pens PK = money.

-Pens get sloppy and give the Panthers a 3 on 2. 1-0 Florida.


-Pens get a PP. It looks decent, but Jokoun shuts it down.

-Pens turn it over in the neutral zone, Panthers jump on it. 2-0 Florida.

-FSN goes dark. Technical Difficulties. Vomit.


-Apparently, FSN Florida sucks too. Feed is back. Rob King apologizes and all is forgiven.

-Pens get the puck on net, it's bouncing everywhere and it eventually goes up and over Jokoun's shoulder. Just as it's going in, a Panther dislodges the net, but the ref actually is spot on and makes the right call, GOAL. Credit for the goal goes to the Iceman. Free Candy and the British Bulldog get assists. 2-1.

-Saw this on Empty Netters, Malkin (6 foot 3, 195 pounds) takes a shift with Staal (6-foot-4, 220 pounds) and Rupp (6-foot-5, 230 pounds). Earthquake Line.

-It's all Pens in th third.

-With around 3 mins left, the Pens control the puck for an UNREAL 88 seconds in the Panther zone. It was only a matter of time. Panthers are exhausted when Geno backhands the puck to Animal in front who buries it. Geno and Adams with the helpers. What a shift. 2-2.

-Florida is on the ropes.


-Pens catch a break when the officials call a late 4 minute high sticking penalty on Horton for drawing blood on Free Candy. What a stroke of luck.

-Jokoun tries to hold the fort, but Geno smacks a slapper, rebound to Bing, Game. Geno and Billy Gunn assist. 3-2.


-Mike Rupp. What a human. Not only does he score goals, he is becoming the Pens true enforcer. (Sorry Gods.)

-Free Candy was in high supply last night.

-Vokoun was solid, but Flower made some big saves when it was 2-0 to make this comeback possible. Fleury FTW.

-Btw, Iceman has 6 goals.

-Never count our boys out.

In other news, the NHL has suspended Flyers forward Danielle Briere 2 games for a late hit. LMAO.

16-8-0. After the 9-1 start, the Pens have gone 7-7. That's pretty decent considering the injury situation. Now the Pens are getting healthy.

Look out NHL.

-the Blueline Bandit

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