Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pens Target The Moose, Win 3-2

How appropriate The Moose is blogging about the Pens against The Moose.

Good to see a win on the road from the boys. We definitely needed a morale boost after the disaster that was Ottawa on Thursday night. The return of Free Candy was great to see, and it looks like TK is well on his way to coming back soon.

How about Skoula tonight? 2 goals...who would have thought it? I was totally cheering for a Skoula HT, but it just didn't happen. Definitely think Potash has a man crush on him. He used the words "red hot" when talking to him just a little too much. Apparently the size of his toe is pretty significant, according to Bob Errey. Lovejoy and Engelland have continued to be contributors for us as well. They work hard and have really stepped it up and been of help to us with the loss of our starting defensemen. I give them their props.

I thought Hedberg played a hard fought game. The Pens could have easily had 6 or 7 goals tonight. His defense left him out to dry multiple times tonight, especially during the second period. The Pens had 3 odd man rushes early in the second period, and he came up with some good saves. He also denied Superstar on the penalty shot. Gotta give him some credit.

I love how Geno scored at the end of his very long shift during the second period. He probably just refused to leave the ice until he scored a goal.

There was another vital lesson in Bob Errey arithmetic tonight. One stick + one butt= one goal. Just blows my mind.

Did you know Chris Bourque is Ray Bourque's son?

Another thing that blew my mind tonight was the reffing. Absolutely AWFUL tonight. Apparently it is possible to trip somebody without even touching them. Afinogenov apparently was barrelled over by Free Candy's stare or some kind of Jedi mind trick, and Bourque gets sent to the penalty box. Can't explain that one to you. At the end of the second period Atlanta's net gets dislodged, but I guess it wasn't necessary to blow the whistle. Afinogenov, who seemingly had recovered from the phantom trip barrels down the ice and Fleury makes a great save on him. If that would have ended up a goal heads would have rolled. During the 4 minute PP in the third Malkin's stick is slashed, no call. Should have been a 5 on 3 for the Pens, but the Thrashers end up going down the ice and scoring. Never should have been a goal.

ANYWAYS....the Pens end up with the win, and it was great to see. Fleury had a solid game tonight and definitely bounced back from Thursday. Our win tonight and the Devils loss pushed us to first place in the Atlantic Division. I think the boys played a good game tonight and I hope we get another W in Florida to end out this road trip. Let's Do It.

Moose Out.

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  1. Don't forget about when Errey was talking about Kovalchuk. "There's certain players that make me tingly when I watch them and he's one of them". Or something to that extent. Still priceless Errey quote. Oh! And who can forget how he tried to draw Polamalu hair on Eaton?! Unreal.

    They played pretty well last night although it looked like they were sitting back on their heels a little at times.

    Even though I'm not a fan of Bourque, I feel bad for him. The dude looks like he's trying but he's just not able to connect with anything. He needs to either leave or find some way to make his game click.

    And I'm calling it... Kane = future goon. He did some goonish things during that game and it was enough to make Engelland snap and just go after him. Good boy Engelland for standing up for yourself though.

    I texted Sammy Tee that I got a new nickname for Staalsy... mission. There were times last night when he was just barreling down the ice and wouldn't stop at anything to get to the net. He's going to explode one of these games for all the effort he's putting out there.

    Love this team through thick and thin. LETS GO PENS!!